NDIS Provider

Experience peace of mind, contentment, happiness and joy.

Form positive relationships with others, and feel connected and supported

Spending time in nature with farm animals has significant potential to enhance the lives across multiple dimensions of well-being, social connectivity, skills acquisition, confidence, capacity and physical health and vitality. Increases self-esteem and confidence.

Our purpose is to support people with disability to live the life they want.

We promise to delight our customers by providing choice, dignity, respect and to help them in making a difference to their lives.

We thrive in supporting our customers to achieve their goals, have a choice and control over their own lives, to be a valued member of the community and to enjoy the life they deserve.


Our vision is to engage and inspire all communities of various cultures and backgrounds to build a reliable and safe environment in order to improve the well-being of all people with disability.


We promise to delight our participants by providing each of them in metropolitan Melbourne and rural Victoria with an excellent support where choice, dignity and respect are all being accounted for so that each participant has a full freedom of choice as anyone else in the society.


Supporting people with disability by providing them with a high-quality personalised support to level up the capabilities of all participants and ensure that they will be treated equally in the society.


All of Level Up Disability Care’ operations and activities
are built upon theValues of:

Enhancement | Respect | Collaboration | Cognitive Empathy |
Inclusion | Engagement

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