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Respite Care: How Can it Benefit the Primary Carers?

01 December 2022

Communities around Australia recognise, honour, and value those who provide unpaid care for friends or family members who require assistance due to a disability, disease, or ageing. But who looks after the primary carers? Respite care is a solution to provide primary carers of children or adults a short break, even though many carers find great joy and gratifying aspects of their help. Planned or last-minute temporary care are both acceptable forms of respite. Here are a few benefits of respite care for primary caregivers:

Rest, Rest, Rest

Respite care offers unpaid carers a brief or time-limited rest, perhaps its most evident benefit. Everyone needs a break from time to time, especially because taking care of someone else (as well as yourself) may be intellectually and physically exhausting. Take a moment to relax, check your state of mind, and ensure you’re stress-free and relaxed. To feel physically fit, rejuvenated, and full of energy, it can also provide you some extra time to prepare a nutritious lunch for yourself and time alone to exercise.

Time to Do Your Errands

To-do lists tend to expand quickly in today’s fast-paced society, leaving little time to finish them. When there are set deadlines, such as when registering your car, it might be frustrating. Respite care gives carers crucial time to run errands, finish chores, and organise their lives.

Provides Peace of Mind

For the person who needs care, the primary caregiver, as well as the family, sourcing external care and the process of needing to recruit a caregiver or NDIS provider might appear intimidating. However, when taking a break, families can rest easy knowing that their family member or friend is being looked after by a vetted local who is dependable, trustworthy, skilled, and who shares similar interests with the loved one who needs extra care.

Your Loved One Will Have the Chance to Meet New People

Your loved one may grow less emotionally reliant on their primary caregiver as they learn to engage with others. Each Member’s requirements and interests are matched by the care provider with a social carer who is best qualified to meet those needs. Finding a social carer with comparable interests means that passions for a particular interest or activity are shared, providing genuine companionship, whether the person in need of care is a movie fanatic, a sports enthusiast, or enjoys arts and crafts.

A Chance for Your Loved One to Pick Up Some New Skills

One additional benefit of respite care is that our Social Carers are willing to teach others new skills to improve independence, confidence, speaking, athletics, cuisine, and internet use, to mention a few! Social carers recognise the value of achieving goals, and assisting others in doing so is one of the most satisfying aspects of their work.

Level Up Disability Care is farm-based respite care registered NDIS provider in Gordon, Victoria.  Through personalised non-medical treatment, we are on a mission to enhance well-being, foster relationships and promote independence. Visit our Melton Respite facility or call us at 0405 786 928 for more information regarding your respite care needs.

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